EASIWise has the ability to monitor and assess hot water draw and programmatically switch off a geyser when temperature is above desired degrees - and switch on again if temperature falls below 35° degrees irrespective of the timer settings thus ensuring hot water is always available and savings are at optimum
EASIWise does not replace the existing thermostat of a geyser so installation is unobtrusive and fast and also makes it simple to revert back to normal geyser operation in case of a fault.
Setup and changes are easy to do from the smart display mounted in a place convenient to access
GSM Enabled units allow for anywhere access control through the internet, tablet or cell phone to set timers, adjust temperature or turn on and off
GSM enabled option provides instant updates on the performance of a geyser and allows user to see activity stats and kwH’s used.
EASIWise is designed to control your hot water needs by reducing electricity use and therefore saving energy and cost.

Geysers are usually left on all the time.  This means they cycle on and off, reheating the water when it drops below a set temperature.  EASIWise eliminates this by controlling when the geyser will switch on and off to reheat water, either at predetermined times or temperature setting, based on a households requirements. 
Geyser temperature displayed at all times
EASIWise For
· Solar Water Heaters ·
EASIWise For
· Electric Geysers ·
Allow solar to heat the water and set timers when solar is inactive
The circulating pump will circulate the hot from the panel through the system when the panel temperature is 8°C higher than the geyser (this can be set), the pump will stop when this temperature drops to 4°C (Pumped Systems)
Holiday Mode allows you to save while you are away from home
Set daily timers to your specific needs or requirements
Fault detection and alarm alert capability.
· Features ·
Alarm and alert functions
Multiple protection functions including earth leakage, geyser probe fault, overheating, element fault and leak detection
Easy temperature setting to custom requirements
Auto heating with manual override capabilities.
Clear display of water temperature, time, heating mode and fault conditions.
Measure, monitor and display current usage of geyser element
Thermistor temperature probe inputs
Circulating pump relay output
Solar panel antifreeze protection
4 Daily programmable timer settings for Monday to Friday plus Saturday and Sunday.
Boost mode allows for settings override to heat water on demand.
4 Daily timer settings for Monday to Friday and 4 separate settings for weekends.
· EASIWise Remote Management for Mobile Devices ·

For discerning users EASIWise is available with a remote management function allowing control of a geyser via a smartphone, tablet or PC.  The management dashboard provides real-time views of the operating condition of the geyser including temperature, electricity usage and any faults.

All setting functions are available allowing timers to be set or changed, enabling of boost and element on/off power switching.  The remote service is available at a nominal monthly subscription.

It is important that only suitably qualified persons with an understanding and knowledge of working with hot water geysers, electricity and / or solar systems should install an EASIWise unit. If you are a homeowner contact us to enquire about an installer near you or register as an installer.
Note: EASIWise can be used on both electric geysers or solar systems.  When ordering please specify use as the solar units are shipped with a collector temperature probe cable
Two versions available - standard
Product code SLE01-SOLSTD
Remote management enabled
Product code SLE02- SOL-REM
Two versions available - standard
Product code SLE01-ELE-STD
Remote management enabled
Product code SLE02-ELE-REM

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