Turn your dumb geyser into a smart & connected geyser.

Save money instantly with our Smart Geyser Controller and save even more with our Smart Solar Geyser Inverter.

The Smart Geyser Controller gives you complete control of your geyser from our Android or iOS app, saving you up to 25%. The Smart Solar Geyser Inverter uses the suns energy to charge your element and heat up the water in your geyser, saving you a further 60% on your hot water.

Get your geyser connected

So, what is EASIWise?

We could use a whole list of marketing mumbo jumbo to try and explain to you what EASIWise is, or we could just show as easy as 1, 2 and 3. EASIWise consists of 3 main parts, ie; the Smart Geyser Controller, the Smart Solar Geyser Inverter and the Smartphone App.

Watch the video for a detailed overview.

Step 1 to start SAVING money

Smart Geyser Controller

A smart device that gives you control of your geyser by connecting it to our smart app through wifi.

Step 2 to SAVING REAL money

Smart Solar Geyser Inverter

The Smart Photovoltaic Solar Inverter uses the suns energy to heat up the water in your geyser.

Android / iOS

Smartphone App

The smart app allows you to adjust the settings and get real time data! EASIWise is designed to control your hot water needs.

The choice is yours!

The EASIWise system is modular and works according to your budget! You can add the Smart Solar Geyser Inverter at any stage, whether it’s today, tomorrow or next year. The choice is yours… Just another reason why EASIWise is the smart choice.

EASIWise Geyser Controller

Smart Geyser Controller

  • Save up to 25% on the heating of your geyser.
  • Programme your geyser temperatures and times.
  • Monitor and assess electricity usage and spend.
  • No need to replace geyser thermostat.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Control your geyser at the touch of a button using the EASIWise app.
  • Boost, holiday mode & alert functions.

Smart Solar Geyser Inverter

Patent pending

Smart Solar Geyser Inverter

Patent pending

  • Save up to 60% on the heating of your geyser.
  • Easy installation & no plumbing required.
  • Suitable for all water & weather conditions.
  • No heat loss from panel to geyser and perfect for multistorey installations.
  • Any geyser can be converted.
  • Minimum performance of 25 years on the PV panels.
  • No overheating, no maintenance and no need to change your geysers element.

*Geyser not included – for display purpose only.

The EASIWise system is solar ready and smart out of the box.

Turn any dumb old geyser, solar or electric, into a smart geyser… quickly and affordably.

Geysers are usually left on all the time. This means they cycle on and off, reheating the water when it drops below a set temperature. EASIWise eliminates this by controlling when the geyser will switch on and off to reheat water, by setting it at predetermined times to a certain water temperature.

Why EASIWise is the smart solution!

EASIWise is an SABS approved Smart Geyser Controller and Smart Solar Geyser Inverter that gives you total control of your geyser. It is easy to install and does not require thermostat or element replacement or a connection to a distribution board. 

The smart app allows you to adjust the settings and get real time data! EASIWise is designed to control your hot water needs by reducing electricity use and therefore saving energy and cost. It really is as simple as that.

View or set your temperature to your requirements with 2 daily timer settings.

Water leak detection and automated shut off valve with audible alarm. (Optional)

Alarm and alert functions for various errors eg; faulty elements etc.

Auto heating with “BOOST” for hot water outside of your programmed timers.

Holiday mode for when you’re not at home, so you don’t waste money when you’re not home.

Measure, monitor and display past 30-day electricity usage and view your spend.

Save up to 60% on your geyser’s heating bill. Save even more by switching to solar.

Speak to us today and turn your geyser into a smart geyser.

Take Control Of Your Geyser Today

EASIWise Smart Geyser Controller is an SABS approved smart device that gives you control of the temperatures and other variables of electric geysers and solar water heating systems.

Download the EASIWise smart app directly to your smartphone from your app store.

Smart or dumb… What’s the difference?

What is a dumb geyser?

  • Energy eater. Like a kettle boiling, the moment the temperature drops the element kicks in again.
  • Inefficient. Scale build up. Pitting of element. These are all things that make your element work harder drawing more current to produce the same output.
  • Single temperature setting. You are only able to set your geyser to 1 temperature setting. Any changes must be done by climbing into your ceiling.
  • Risk of leaking with no warning.

What is a smart geyser?

  • Multiple temperature and timer settings.
  • Solar Ready. Can be used as a standalone or Solar Ready.
  • Water leak detection. Immediate shut off of water to the geyser with an audible alarm and Smart phone alert.
  • Alarm and alert functions. 
  • Auto heating and “BOOST” override capability if you need hot water outside of your programmed timers. 
  • Only heat water when you need it.
  • Set your geyser to go off when you are away and ensure hot water on your return.

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We are also proud to announce that all EASIWise products are locally designed, developed and manufactured in South Africa. You don’t get more local than that!

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